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Injured/Dead Animals on the Road

For Wiltshire Wildlife Hospital please call 07850778752 for all casualties and advice. Please DO NOT leave messages about injured wildlife. Vital time is lost,

Additionally, this article contains important information about what to do in the event of hitting or finding an animal particularly in the New Forest. This article was first published on the internet.


Hoping to spread information and awareness to anyone who may have found themselves in a situation with an injured animal and not known what to do. I have seen a few posts recently with people asking what to do when they have found an injured deer.

I have been lucky to sit with Inspector Bishop of Hampshire Police who has explained in depth how their programme to attend injured animals works and what to do in the event you come across an injured deer.

If you come across an injured deer obstructing a busy main road, for example the A36, call 999. This is classed as an immediate response call as other casualties could occur as a knock on effect.

If you come across an injured deer in a non-emergent situation, call 101.

You can also contact the Forestry Commission on 0300 067 4600. This number is available 24/7.

Hampshire Police have a HAD Scheme (Humane Animal Dispatch) in place which runs on a volunteer basis. They have 38 people on board currently and many more on the waiting list who wish to volunteer. These are people qualified in humane dispatch of animals, have a firearms licence and the necessary experience to handle such situations. They attend a call from the Police within 7 miles of their location to ensure quick arrival at the scene and to minimise any discomfort for the animal.

There is an app you can download called “BDS UK Deer” This app allows you to report any deer to the British Deer Society and provide your location. It can be a useful tool to report a deceased deer as they can remove the body if it is causing an obstruction. On the app you select “deer sighting” then choose the deer you think closest resembles the one you wish to report and complete the fields from there. The app has the ability for location tracking so that it can give your exact location automatically.

Hampshire Rural Police also have a twitter page if you wish to follow them for updates and news. Their username is @HantsPolRural Please note that this process is for the Hampshire area only. Wiltshire run a different way which I am in the process of trying to get more information on.

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