The following are News Items, both current and which have passed their headline dates, but may still be relevant for reference.

"It looks like the works that were to be done in the Spring (which were postponed due to high ground water levels) are to be completed in the next few weeks. Expect temporary traffic lights!"

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linein type not recognised20-08-2018 - Monday 20th August - Barford Lane closed for white line painting .....
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"Rain stopped play! Postponed to Saturday 7th April - gates open 3.30, starts 4.00pm."

"In case you hadn't noticed, it's snowing, so the Friday Market is cancelled."

"See Spire FM for latest details"

"Road Works at A338 junction from 11th to 13th - 7pm to 7am"

"Rubbish will be collected on Saturday 30 December, Recycling on Saturday 6 January, finally Rubbish on Friday 12 January; then back to normal. See for details."

"From letters to residents it seems that the sewer works at the junction of Wick Lane and the A338 will last for 6 weeks - initially!"

"An advance roadworks sign has appeared at the Headlands saying that work will take place on the 12/13th - hopefully that will be that will be the last of it!"

"Advance sign warning of roadworks by the Bull - was 28 July to 11 August, now 7 Aug to 28 Aug. To instal new pelican crossing by the Post Office? Expect chaos whatever it is!"

"There is an advance warning sign by New Bridge Road in Salisbury saying that the repairs will take place from 11 July until 23 August. Delays could be considerable."

"The Rivermead housing appeal has been dismissed."

"Work has actually started on improving the road around the pedestrian refuge by the Charles Church estate! Expect traffic delays until 21/4/17."

"An advance warning of roadworks appeared a few days ago by the White Horse saying that "Work starts here 11/4/17 for 1 week, 0800-1800 pedestrian access only". No-one knows what it refers to, but the Electric Company replacing the mains cable that runs under the school playground seem to be the main suspects. Exactly what "pedestrian access only" means, we don't know, but we wouldn't expect to be told - after all we only live here. And now, after a day or so the sign disappeared but has magically reappeared at the Headlands, so where it actually refers to is anyone's guess!"

"The Primary School have started to build the new classrooms and the playground extension into the Memorial Gardens. The contractors will be using the staff car park, so we expect parking in that area of The Borough to be difficult. Users of the Memorial Hall will also be affected, so make sure you leave plenty of time to get to Memorial Hall events?"

"There was an “advance” noticeboard by the Filling Station on the A338, warning of works last week, but the works haven't started and the sign has been removed. It seems that Charles Church are supposed to be repositioning the pedestrian refuge and kerbs into the centre of the road. It's supposed to be happening soon!!"



"The new estate is connecting to the main drains in Wick Lane for the next 2 weeks."

"The Downton Poppy Appeal raised £3528.63 for the Royal British Legion. This was even better than last year's record collection. Thank you all."