Footpath Group

Please find below the WG itinerary for 2020. It is missing some walk details but I am sending it now so you can get the dates in your diaries!

Further information will follow.

Everybody is welcome to join any of the walks. I recommend walkers to bring a drink & a snack for the walks & to wear appropriate clothing and footwear; the going can be muddy and uneven. Please remember to bring some money if the walk involves bus journeys and pub visits; well behaved dogs are always welcome to come along too! Please call me, Susan Barnhurst-Davies, for further information on 01725 512963 or 07875 036879. Walks will be cancelled in bad weather.

Planned Walks

DayDateWalk toDistanceNotes
Sat18 Jul 20SBD
Sat8 Aug 20Led by Lynn & George
Sat22 Aug 20SBD
Sat5 Sep 20Keyhaven - led by David
Sat19 Sep 20Led by Jean
Sat3 Oct 20SBD
Sat17 Oct 20Abbotswell - led by Janette
Sat31 Oct 20Led by Lynn & George
Sat21 Nov 20SBD
Sat19 Dec 20SBD - Mince Pie Walk

For details of the Circular Walk, click here for the route instructions, and here for the map.

At the Parish Council Amenities meeting of the 26/9/2016, it was agreed unanimously to delegate the promotion of use and any footpath maintenance issues to the Downton Society Footpath Group. The Footpath Group will report back any issues, raise working parties and work in partnership with the Parish Council Amenities committee. The Footpath Group has walked the Parish paths and beyond for over 10 years; members have worked together with the Parish Council to obtain grants for kissing gates, and to help Wiltshire Council install them over the Southern Wiltshire area.

​ If you would like to raise any issues about the state of stiles or any parish path issues, please contact:
Susan Barnhurst-Davies
The Downton Society
Tel: 01725 512 963 Mob: 07875 036879 E:

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