The Cuckoo will be back!

The cuckoo, which caused a flurry of delight when it landed in June, will return to the village - somewhere, sometime soon. The Parish Council are carrying out a risk assessment and, providing their H & S concerns can be met, we hope it will be back in the Borough before the "Its Your Neighbourhood" RHS assessor visits Downton on the 20th July.


When ‘InBloom’ was cancelled for the second year running, the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) suggested a small ‘It’s Your Neighbourhood’ (IYN) project for the Borough. Lockdown & distancing have restricted some activities, but members of the community working together have brightened things up by:

  • Filling new tubs in the village with summer planting
  • Placing troughs on the Borough cross
  • Clearing and planting grasses in the Co-op Car park
  • Encouraging floral displays of hanging baskets on houses, shops and pubs

The Primary School has a planted boots display, the British Legion have created a 100 year anniversary memorial display, the Green Group have planted eco-friendly tubs

And all being well, the topiary Cuckoo, our ‘InBloom’ symbol, will fly in again before the visit of the RHS assessor which is now scheduled for 20th July. The project is sponsored by the Downton Society who plant and maintain the tubs; and is supported by the Co-op, Print Effect, local groups, businesses and residents of the Borough.

Though IYN is not a competition, we can expect observations on: community participation, gardening achievement and environmental responsibility, so thanks to everyone involved