We have a beautiful village but it could be even more beautiful!

The Downton Society is exploring options for the village to enter the Royal Horticultural Society Britain in Bloom competition in 2020. It has been in contact with the RHS about procedures, and floated the idea with the Parish Council, who are willing to support the venture. A small group is being gathered to shape the practicalities, and to develop a process that will be realistic and enjoyable for all involved. Proposals were put forward at the Downton Society AGM in May and met with overwhelming support; it is hoped that other residents and groups in the village will be equally enthusiastic.

An open meeting will be held at 10.30 on the 15th June at the Memorial Hall where plans will be outlined, the way ahead investigated, and ideas exchanged. Click HERE for more details.

Robert Willcox is co-ordinating the project and can be contacted at or at

Britain in Bloom is a national competition run by the Royal Horticultural Society. It aims to encourage horticultural achievement, environmental stewardship and community involvement. For more details of how RHS “Britain In Bloom” works - click HERE.